Sunday, October 13, 2013

Adventures in Car Repair

So end of July the battery in my van died.  A new battery and everything seemed fine for all of two weeks. When I tried to start the van nothing, no clicking, no grinding, nothing.  Charged the battery, everything fine for about 3 days, you guessed it dead battery.  Checked and the battery seemed to be giving off enough voltage to run the van. Took the van to a local auto zone had them put it on a tester, not the battery but probably the alternator.  Okay, alternators are not cheap, two a few weeks to save the money to buy it, luckily my brother was able to put it on for me. Unforturnately, still having problems keeping the battery charged. More testing.

Alternator is good, but it could be the voltage regulator.  I have a GMC guess where the voltage regulator is. Thats right, its located in the alternator.  Had that checked, all good. Maybe the starter, nope its good.  Possibly a short in a wire or bad fuse.  Nope all good. In the meatime battery still having to be charged every two days to keep the van running. Seems the guy who checked for me the first time forgot to mention, that constant charging a battery to can ruin it. And I really should have put a new battery on when I put on the new alternator, so now I have to save up the money to replace the battery (cheapest one I found was at walmart for 89 dollars).  Unfortunately, I am stuck at home until I get the money, because the battery won't even hold a charge long enough for me to make the one mile trip to the post office and back.

The battery I had put on the van in July is still under warranty, but I would have to wait until my brother gets a day off from work (their next scheduled holiday is Thanksgiving), as the company where I got it is only open Monday - noon on Saturday (my brother works until 2 p.m. Saturdays) whereas Wally World is open 24-7.  And did I mention, the battery will not even last 1 mile, even when driving the vehicle, no way would I make the 15 miles to the store where I got it.

So between van tags, new tires (the old ones had wires sticking out), $150 alternator, and cheap ass new battery that needs to be replaced, I can only hope people start buying soon so I can pay my everyday ordinary bills.  You know the type : mortgage, utilities, monthly prescriptions, food, insurance.

At least I won't have to worry about most of those things until the end of the this month, start of November.  Just can't wait to see what breaks next.

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