Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas is Coming

And if the decorations that have been out in a few local stores since August, sooner rather than later.  I can remember as a kid the Labor day decor came out, and then around the beginning of October the Halloween stuff. Shortly after that, stuff for Thanksgiving.  Christmas stuff never made it onto the shelves until after turkey day was past. And now look at it.  It won't be long before all stores will have Christmas stuff out year round, not just those that are dedicated to Holidays.

Not necessarily a good thing if you ask me.  For some reason seeing all the Christmas stuff out several months before the month of December seems to put a lot of stress on people.  The kids clamoring for the latest greatest gadget or toy this week, and then the next latest and greatest the next week, and the parents trying not to disappoint come the 25th.  And the worry of how do I pay for everything, especially if your charging it to a credit card.

Not much better for those of us who are making most of the gifts we give.  Of course our worries are more along the lines of I hope they like color, god I hope I get it finished in time, or (and this is a big one if your giving clothing ) PLEASE GOD, don't let them gain/lose weight before I get this thing finished.

Maybe we should pass a law that says no Christmas on the shelves before December 1st.  After all, out of sight is out of mind :)

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