Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Finally Summer Maybe

Well the weather lately has been anything but consistent. We started the month with 100+ degree weather, then slipped back into low to mid 80's, now were back to high 80's low 90's, and they are predicting high 90's by the end of the week, with a chance of a cool down back to the 80's in the next couple of weeks.  Are you sure its July in California?

And of course the bootheel of Missouri (think poplar bluff, siskeston, that area), where I am originally from is sweltering in hot humid weather.  Let me tell you, from personal experience, I'll take a dry 110 degrees in the shade over 90 degrees with 80 - 90 percent humidity any day.  At least with the dry heat you can breathe, the air quality may be lousy but at least you can breathe, much more difficult with the humidity.  And with humidity, no matter how good your air conditioning, and fans are, you just can't get comfortable.

Can't wait to see what the weather is like during my birth month of August.