Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wow Where Did The Time Go

I could have sworn I had posted since February but apparently not.  Of course I do have excuses, I was busy doing my taxes, and my Mom's taxes.  Then of course there was the bout of flu going around,  Mom had it once, lucky me, I got it twice.  

I've also been spending a lot of time working on my Bonanza stores and my Artfire studio.  Which means organizing, and reorganizing.  And along with all of this packing away winter clothing, dragging out spring/summer clothing, only to have the weather turn from hot to cold necessitating the dragging out of winter clothes and putting away of spring/summer clothing.  (this has been going on since we had 95 degree weather one week in April only to have  50 degree weather the next three weeks.  I hate to say it, but "WHERE THE HECK IS HOT WEATHER WHEN YOU WANT IT.

As some of you may remember we listed the property for sale last July.  It hasn't sold yet, and we are in no hurry to take less than what its worth so no biggie.  The real estate agent changing from agency, to agency, to agency is.  We are able to make the monthly payments and property tax payments just fine right now, so its doubtful we'll resign with the current agent when the contract is up.  Of course they could find us a buyer before then.  It that happens we will have to scramble to find a place to move too.  (not as bad as it sounds.  We can move in with my brother and his family on a short term basis if necessary, and there are several properties we like available in the area we want to relocate to)  The property where we are currently at is just really too large for Me an my Mom.  We want something smaller, that will someday pass on to my nieces and nephews.

I promise to try an do better about posting in the future.  And not let it go four months between posts again.

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