Monday, September 27, 2010

Its Almost Official Artfire Here I Come

As of the end of October I will no longer be selling my craft items, and craft related items on Etsy.  I am moving everything over to my Artfire studio.  It's not that Etsy is a bad place, it was just not the right place for me.  I have better luck with my listings at Artfire.  Although you wouldn't know it to look at my total items sold figures.

But, unlike Etsy, Artfire allows you to complete transactions off site.  And if someone emails, asking if you have something in a certain color, or different size, you can sell it directly to them without first making a listing and putting it up on Artfire.  Also, unlike Etsy, if someone finds something you're selling on Artfire, they don't have to join the Artfire community to buy it.  They can, with just a few clicks of a button, purchase the item directly from you, without first registering for an account.

And of course with the $5.95 a month for a Pro Studio promotion going on now, whats not to like.  One flat rate per month, unlimited listings, no commission fees (other than paypal and google checkout), and no listing fees per items listed.  And if you already have a Pro account at a higher rate, you can sign up for the new rate and when its time to pay your monthly fee you will get it at the new rate instead of the old rate.  Of course, to take advantage of the new rate you have to sign up before October 1st. 

For those selling on Etsy, and doing well, KUDO's to you.  I wish you much continued success.  If your still looking for a place to sell your wonderful, handcrafted  items, may I suggest taking a look around Artfire, visit some of the studios, and the forums.  You may find its a better fit for you than other places you may be looking.

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