Saturday, January 9, 2010

Showcasing My Newest Creation: Wash Cloth and Soap Saver Gift Set

So today I want to showcase one of my latest additions to my bonanzle booth.  Its a multi colored crocheted wash cloth and soap saver.  The colors are a nice pastel white, pink, and lavender.  Made of 100% cotton yarn in a modified shell stitch for the wash cloth, and rectangular granny square for the soap saver.  Add a nice bar of soap, a cute little basket, maybe some hand lotion; and you have a nice gift for any gift giving occasion.

Have you got a cute creation you would like me to showcase for you?  Email with a brief description, a web address where the item can be found, a picture of the item, and your name.  I hope to feature at least two or three items of my own and others each week.  Please use  "showcase featured blogpost" as your subject line

Friday, January 1, 2010

Time to Take Stock

Today seemed like it would be a good day to actually wade through by boxes of yarn, patterns, material, and other craft related items, and reflect on things.

First thing to reflect on.  When and how did I acquire over 200 skiens of blue yarn.  I know I couldn't have bought that many.  Just more proof, that when left alone in dark places yarn procreates like bunny rabbits.

Second thing to strike me.  I really need to finish a few of these works in progress before starting a new project.  There is the cross-stitch Sisters pillow I started for my Sister when she got married 22 years ago.  There is the hot pink with turquoise and white stripes afghan that was to be a gift to my brothers first wife, whom he divorced 10 years ago.  There are no less than three bed dolls, lord only knows where the patterns are that tell how to finish the dresses, and I think the dolls were discontinued 5 or 6 years ago.  There are three scarfs, and two hats.  All are in colors that were "popular" in the 70's.  And lets not even get into the granny squares that were to be Christmas Stockings three years ago.  (I wondered where I had put those).

Third on the list.  Why did I save all those old empty aspirin and vitamin bottles.  I'm sure I had a plan to use them for something, but for the life of me I can't remember what.  I should probably put them away just in case I remember what it was I wanted them for.

Fourth.  Its amazing how much time it takes to quickly leaf through magazines to check out the patterns and see if there is something you want to make.

Fifth.  I really need a new house, just for my craft supplies.  Forget about moving in to live.  Just give me more room for all my crafting materials and I will be a happy camper.

Sixth.  I really should get rid of some of this stuff.  I mean really.  I haven't even touched a sewing machine in 20 years, so why should I hang on to all these fat quarters of material.  And macrame, I haven't done that since I was in 7th grade.

Seventh.  There is absolutely no way I can force myself to part with a single thing.  After all who knows when your going to need the arms off a Barbie Doll, or a thousand pieces of yarn less than half and inch thick.

Eighth.Okay how did the blue yarn suddenly morph into 205 skeins?

Ninth. Note to self.  Just close up the blue yarn in a room to itself and don't open it again. 

Tenth.  Why did I decide to do this again.  And does anyone need 220 skeins of blue yarn?